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Reality ruined my life...

Hello, my name's Cicely, and I'm from England.
I'm 18 and about to start my first year at uni to study Modern History.

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My almost-one-week-long break just started and I’m planning to waste it on watching Quentin Tarantino’s films


modern au where enjolras and grantaire meet over the internet but they live on opposite sides of the country. they constantly text, skype and video message each other. enjolras gets often teased by his friends because it’s obvious that he’s very much besotted with r. 


AU where Courfeyrac and Enjolras are roommates and Courfeyrac’s main bad habit is inviting strangers into their home

Which how they meet Grantaire

And Grantaire always thinks of Enjolras as Apollo and  Enjolras always thinks of Grantaire as ‘dark haired guy number 14’

and it isn’t till their second date that they realise

they have no idea what each others names are   


My headcannon is that, after Enjolras and Grantaire got together, Marius uses the term ”France over pants” whenever Enjolras is affectionate with Grantaire, and ”Who cares about your lonely soul?” when Enjolras is upset that Grantaire’s busy somewhere else. And Enjolras would then regret his wording choices.




but morning person + not morning person could make the worst (or maybe the best?) otp

"Gooooood morning dear :)" "fuck you and everything you stand for"

If you don’t thing that this is how Enjolras and GrantaiRe greet each other in the mornings you’re wrong


not sure which way you meant this but either way yes


i like the idea of the amis being really protective of Grantaire it just makes me real happy like someone says a thing about him and he sort of takes it because he’s used to people being rude to his face so it’s fine he can deal with it but the second his back is turned the amis have banded together to physically throw this person out the door because really, how dare they

  • Grantaire: You're not programmed to feel joy.
  • Enjolras: Yes, but my software is due for an exuberance upgrade.
  • Grantaire: You know, when you play along with the robot jokes it kind of ruins my enjoyment of them.
  • Enjolras: Yes, I know.